Are You Unable To Send Or Receive SMS On Airtel? Check This Out!

There are many times when a person cannot send an SMS or text message through their phone. It can happen to any person, and there can be several reasons for that, and some of those reasons are mentioned in the following points-

  • If you have changed your Airtel SIM, it means the number and the network is the same, but you have upgraded the SIM. At that time, you may not be able to send or receive SMS to your number because of some safety measures. It may take around 48 hours then you will be able to send the SMS.
  • Another reason for this is that you have not sent any kind of message from the last six months; then the company can disable all the SMS services you are getting.
  • If the date and time setting of your mobile is not right, you will also not be able to send the message there.
  • You may have activated the DND service on the number, or the message memory is full.

These can be some reasons why people cannot get their SMS services or are not able to send the message or receive it. But you can restore the services through theĀ airtel SMS settings number, and that will restore your services on your mobile network.

How will you be able to fix the message failed to send in Android?

Most people do not know what they will do; if they face this problem or anything, you can get it solved without any issue. You can do that by following these tips-

  • The first and the easiest thing that people often do is reset the phone; you can just reboot it without any problem.
  • You can even clear the cache from your phone, which is important for you as it will clear all the junk memory from the phone.
  • The next thing that you can do is force stop the application of the message, which cannot be a problem for you, and still, if you are getting the problem, you can just factory reset your android device.
  • You can even put the SIM of your phone in some different phone or slot then you can, and if the SIM starts working there, then it means there is some problem with your phone and not in the SIM, but if it does not work, then that means you can send the message to airtel SMS settings number.

You can consider these solutions, and that can help you with all these things. But still, if the service does not get restored, you can contact the airtel operator, and they will help you with some solution.

The Bottom Line

A person can get this SMS problem many times for several different reasons, but they can get the solution for that so easily if they know the proper way. You can contact the airtel SMS settings number, which will be different of different cities; you can get yours and send a message to them.