Tips to Train Your Puppy on your Own

There are several reasons why most people love puppies. In fact, puppies have become the best buddies of most people and kids. In the similar manner as parents train their kids, we also love doing basic puppy training. Puppies are said to start their training within 11 weeks of age.

However, some puppies start their training at the age of 13 weeks. Being a puppy lover requires a lot of patience. This is because you need to know how to train a puppy to sit, to train a puppy to pee outside your homes, and even know how to train a puppy to behave well.

Who can train a puppy?

In the United States, most puppy owners send their pets in Puppy Kindergartens around the age of 8 weeks to start their training. There are plenty of kindergartens where trainers attend full training within 3 to 6 weeks until they can go home well trained.

But in some countries, puppy lovers would look for other ways and learn how to train a puppy in their own homes. One of the most important things an owner needs to know is to learn how to train a puppy to pee and poop in a certain area. This is essential since cleaning the dirt of puppies requires effort.

If you do not know how to train a puppy not to pee and poop in the house, you will need to spend extra time cleaning their dirt. Disinfecting the area where they pee and poop is very significant if you have kids in your homes as well.

Is puppy training hard?

Puppies come from different breeds. Depending on the owner’s preference, they can either choose dogs that are powerful and friendly. American bully, for example, is one of those breeds that are considered powerful dogs. But despite being powerful, this type of breeds is affectionate, loving, and gentle. Puppies can start learning right from birth just like some other animals and good breeders begin handling and socialization as early as possible. Some training can be initiated as soon as the puppy can open its eyes and walk. Young puppies have short attention spans but you can expect and try them to begin learning simple obedience commands such as “sit,” “down,” and “stay,” as young as 7 to 8 weeks of age.

Owners, on the other side, is responsible for training their puppies to let them know their appropriate behavior and skills. In fact, early training of the pets is very significant. In this manner, the pets will recognize their owner as leader and that they need to obey and follow orders from them.

How hard is it to train a puppy? How to train a puppy behave well and how to train a puppy pee to poop in a pad needs a lot of patience and determination. This is because puppies will not learn in just a single day of training.

As an owner, these can be the most challenging days of having a puppy. Generally speaking, it is very essential to train dogs while they are still young. Older dogs have the ability to set their attitude on what they have been used to; therefore, training them can be harder.

Teaching Puppies to Obey Commands

Training puppies can be done in kindergartens and at home. If you have extra time to spare, you can always train your puppies in your own ways. However, training them is not just about teaching them tricks. You need to focus on educating your puppies to follow basic orders and commands. That is why learning how to train a puppy behave is the very first thing you need to do.

Some effective tips to train your Puppy:

  1. The technique used to train your puppy is known as food-luring. At 7 to 8 weeks of age favored food in small pieces and favorite toys are used to motivate and reinforce most of the desirable behavior. The reward should be sufficiently appealing and can be used as a prompter. Show the reward, give the command and move the reward to give the preferable response. The repeated pairing of command phrase or word with each action, and giving the reward for each appropriate response, the puppy shall soon learn the meaning of each command.
  2. Do not forget to give a secondary reinforcer such as an affectionate pat once you get a favorable act. Never repeat the command multiple times as it makes the Puppy learn to serval repetitions as normal before obeying a command.
  3. It is important to timely phase out or remove the food so as to let the behavior occur naturally. For this,  As your puppy begins to comply more often, you can start to hide the food, but give the command and repeat the motion or signal that they have learned to follow. Now reward only with praise and pat. Gradually, vary the frequency of praise and provide food randomly about three to four times. This will make the response more natural.
  4. The training need not to be in a set session schedule daily but, it is to be short as the puppies have short attention span. A session of fifteen minutes throughout the day in one go or in divided portions will be enough for most of the time.
  5. Make it a point to involve all the family members during some training sessions so as to ensure maximum bond formation. It is also important to train your pet in every area of your house so that the taught behavior can be seen at all places efficiently.

Dogs need to recognize their owner’s voice and behavior in order for them to follow orders. How to train a puppy sit and come when they are being called follows in line. These basic commands can help you manage when dogs have undesirable behavior. Training them to follow these commands will give you ease whenever you have unexpected visitors.

Pet Socialization with Neighbors and Other Pets

Pet socialization is very significant. Pets growing up with families will boost their socialization skills. You don’t just train your pets to behave well for your families. You also need to train them to behave well with other people.

You can start by doing regular outdoor walks. Aside from letting them social with them socialize with other dogs, it is also a great way to exercise and keep them physically healthy. Introducing your pet to the neighborhood and visiting the veterinarian can help them get well with other pets.

However, socialization is not significant when your puppy is not yet vaccinated. This is because they might get exposed to dog diseases since they usually bit and have fun chewing everything they see.

Letting Puppies Understand House Rules

Puppies and other pets are considered the newest members of the family. This is why you need to train them and let them learn the rules of the house. We all know that puppies have the tendency to become a trouble maker when they are dissuaded, keeping them calm and training them to obey will be most helpful.

Training puppies take effort, time, and determination. Giving them a praise is an effective way to give them a positive reinforcement. By doing this, you won’t get frustrated when your pets don’t follow your orders.

Learning how to train a puppy is not just about discipline and gaining control. Each training session is about the fun and excitement you have when you are together. The more you train your pet, the longer the bonding time you have with each other.

Training them all the basics, like socialization, peep and poop area, crate training, and eating properly will give owners comfort and enjoyment. As puppies, they grow depending on how they are trained and treated. Their behaviors also vary depending on how they are trained by their owners.

As they grow into adults, your bond with them will grow stronger and heavier. You will be very proud of being their soul trainer in the years to come. Stubborn dogs will be easy to handle if the trainer is determined to keep them calm and change their behavior.

The key to a successful training is never to give up. There is always hope even if you have the most challenging pet. The proper approach in training your pet varies depending on their breeds and the determination of the trainer is the only key to a successful pet training.

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Sony Play Station – Are Their Customer Care Service Providers Efficient?

Sony is providing its users with magnificent customer care support services; you can check that by calling on 1-800-345-7669. Unfortunately, many are not aware of the importance of customer care services. And many have this misconception that every customer care providers are the same, but it’s not true. Great customer care service providers are willing to go the extra mile when necessary. They focus on going above and beyond for their customers.

They understand the needs of their customers and work hard to meet those needs. They also realize that going above and beyond for a customer is beneficial not only for the short term but also for the long term as it enhances the goodwill of the brand that they represent. Sony is an excellent example in front of everyone.

Some great traits of Sony’s customer care services

  1. Problem solvers

They pay attention and ask follow-up questions. They know how to listen.  They solve problems and leave clients feeling heard and understood, not frustrated and foolish. They go out of their way to find solutions instead of taking the easy way out or blaming someone else for mistakes they made or things they did wrong on their own accord. They don’t disappear and show negativity; instead, they remain optimistic about what’s possible with all parties involved.

  1. Satisfactory services

They don’t rush on the phone because they make an effort to spend time with each client who calls or visits, even if it means they don’t get to move on to the next call or client as quickly as they could and that never really happen as they have a vast time. You also have to understand that many things are not in their control, and you should not criticize them for this. They will allow you to say the last word, and they will not hang up until you are not satisfied.

  1. Respect the client’s time

They respect their clients’ time, and they show it by arriving on time, staying on schedule, and getting everything done that they said they would before the end of the day, meeting, etc. They ask relevant questions about their clients’ needs during customer service calls to better understand how to help you. If they are busy, then there is no need for you to get furious, and they will give you a back call as soon as they get free from the other client. It would be best if you tried calling back on 1-800-345-7669.

  1. Growth in brand’s impression

There is immense competition amongst different brands, and if you want to outshine others, you should provide them with great customer care service providers. And this is the point that Sony has considered to make sure that they have a significant reputation in the market. Sony’s customer care support service providers are practical and efficient, and that is what they are being paid for.

These were some of the outstanding traits of Sony’s customer care support service providers. And if you are opening your brand, if anything, you can learn all these things; you can also contact them by calling at 1-800-345-7669.

How to Cook Salmon Perfectly in Your Kitchen?

Salmon. Raw trout red fish steak with ingredients for cooking. Cooking Salmon, sea food. Healthy eating concept

Salmon is one of the most popular fishes rich in omega-3. This is why millions of food enthusiasts want to explore their cooking journey with salmon as the main ingredient of their menu.

Cooking is fun and exploring the basic techniques in cooking will make your meal perfect. It could be quite intimidating if you are new to cooking and since salmon is quite tricky when it comes to cooking it, it will somehow give you a headache.

Salmon has plenty of health benefits; thus, making it popular for those who love to eat plates of seafood. Salmons have always been used as a popular Japanese cuisine and dishes made with raw salmon are traditional to many individuals today.

All types of fish are known to harbor bacteria and parasites. Such occurs depending on their environment and improper handling and cleaning. Cooking it perfectly will kill bacteria; however, there are plenty of individuals who love to eat raw fish – they are the ones who are prone to infection with these bacteria.

Cooking salmon needs enough knowledge to make your meal perfect. A single mistake will ruin the entire preparation since salmon is known to be a soft fish. Salmon is considered as everyone’s favorite fish because it is not only delicious, it is also good for the heart.

As one of the easiest foods to cook, finding the best cooking method for any salmon dish will be the best option even on your first try cooking it. Whether it is grilled, baked, or broiled, everyone agrees that salmon meals are healthy and tasty.

How Long Should I Cook Salmon?

The Food and Drug Administration has always recommended cooking salmon at 145 degrees; however, one should be cautious and need to check if it is perfectly done using a fork and not through a thermometer. Here are a few ways you might want to know how to cook salmon perfectly.


In cooking salmon, you need the easiest and hands-free technique to make sure you cook it well. Broiling is the best cooking method that suits you.


Baking is one of the famous hobbies of most women nowadays. Similar to broiling, it is easier to master and making a meal with it is a lot simpler.

Pan Fry

Restaurant foods have always been known to be seared cooked. The good thing about it is the fact that you can also do this at home. Pan-frying is easy but needs a lot of patience in cooking. Of course, you will use oil that is prone to burns; paying attention to it will be helpful. Cooking pan-fried salmon in your own kitchen is like restaurant-quality food with no price tag attached. Keep the heat to medium high.


Gently press down the top of  your salmon with a fork. If the flesh of the salmon flakes and separates easily along the white lines or strips of fish fat that run across the fillet, Then its cooked perfectly. One should take it down the heat immediately.

Bake the salmon seasoned with salt and pepper in an oven preheated at 450 degree F for about 12 to 15 minutes. Make sure to place it skin side down. The temperature of the cooked fish should be above 110 degree F and Below 140 degree F.

Salmons are known to be one of the fish rich in fish oil; therefore, they are good for the heart. Not only that! It is the human body that can be beneficial when you have salmon in your plate.

Omega-3 fatty acid is important in the human body. Having salmon in your meal will give you similar results as supplementing it with fish oil capsules you usually buy in pharmacies.

Aside from the fact that we need omega-3 to prevent cardiovascular diseases, our body needs protein to stay healthy and better everyday. It is also a critical part of the process since protein fuels our energy and carries oxygen into our blood. Each meal of salmon is known to provide at least 20 grams of high-quality protein essential to make our bones healthy.

B vitamins are important to make sure that our body cells are working properly. They help boost your metabolism by converting the food you eat into energy nutrients. Salmon is one of the fish rich in B vitamins. Studies show that B vitamins work together to make sure your nervous system is working well.

Potassium is known to help your nerves to function well and your muscles contract. Lack of potassium will make your heart beat irregularly. True wild salmons have high potassium content. Taking it regularly will give you 13% more of the recommended daily value your body needs.

Salmon has more health benefits than any other fish; however, it is quite expensive than any other fish in the market. Buying it will perhaps drain a bit of money in your pocket, but the health benefits are always there.

A salmon can be bought in the wet market and choosing the mode of cooking it will vary on your needs. It may not be the typical food that require a lot of time and effort in cooking; however, you need a few tools to make sure you can cook it at its best.

Different methods in cooking require different tools needed to make sure you get the best from the money you spend. Buying a fish spatula is best when you cook any dish with salmon. Compared to any other fishes, salmon is a sensitive fish. They can easily break when it is perfectly done. Using the largest fish spatula you can find will help you lift it perfectly without breaking. Of course, every meal needs to be special when you are cooking salmon.

Salmons can also be different from one another. Some salmon are farmed, others are wild as they say. Wild salmon can be found in the Pacific water and has superior taste and lesser fats. Farmed salmon, on the other hand, are plentiful and a lot cheaper. Its color depends on how it is fed.

How to cook salmon will vary on the taste buds of those who are craving it. No matter what method you use in cooking it, the health benefits will be the same. Having one in your meal will give you a different mood. A whole new dimension of a delicious salmon meal is right on your plates when you have a sauce. You will have the perfect meal ever with salmon on your plates and this is what you always wanted.