How to Get a Trident in Minecraft& Effective ways to Repair – Complete Guide

In the Minecraft game, you will find different types of weapons. They help you to fight the enemies and complete various quests. Trident is a very important weapon in Minecraft. It is quite rare, and many players struggle to find one.

Unlike other weapons, you cannot craft them. Instead, you need to find it in the game. This weapon is very difficult to obtain and has many advantages.

If you are wondering about the best way to get a trident in Minecraft, read on. One of the easiest ways to obtain a trident in Minecraft is to kill drowned mobs. They have a 0.53% chance of dropping a trident. If you don’t have a mob that drops them, you can loot one and combine it with two others. You can also enchant the trident to give it different enchantments.

If you want to know how to get a trident in Minecraft fast, continue reading this article.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game that lets you explore a world and build structures in it. Its simplest mode lets you build houses, fireplaces, and more, and you can use resources to create these things. Over time, you will learn to use them more efficiently, and you will be able to build more complicated structures and tools.

Its world is infinite and is procedurally regenerating. You can find mobs and terrains, which you can combine to create new items. You can also play in multiplayer mode, where you can create a server and join other players. There are also many mods for Minecraft, each with a different environment and game rules.

Another interesting aspect of Minecraft is the fact that it promotes computational thinking. This is important for computer coders, as they often struggle with problems when building their programs. Minecraft gives kids the tools they need to create their own civilizations. And it teaches them the skills they need to become full-fledged professionals.

What is a Trident in Minecraft?

Trident is a powerful weapon in the Minecraft game that you can use for killing mobs as well as defending yourself. This weapon is quite rare because you cannot craft it. You need to find this weapon underwater by killing the undead mobs. If you break your trident, and you are wondering how to you repair a trident then you can do that by placing it in an anvil and using the mending enhancement. Mending enhancement books can be found looted from chests. They are also available in trades with villagers. When you need to repair your trident, you need to find a place to use them.

Use of Trident in Minecraft

When used in battle, you can use the trident to deal damage to nearby mobs or enemies. If you’re looking for an effective weapon to destroy faraway mobs, a trident can be very useful. A trident enchanted with Loyalty has a special function. When used to attack a faraway enemy, you’ll be able to deal more damage than a bow. The trident is also faster than a bow.

A trident can be enchanted with unbreaking, mending, or curse of vanishing. It can also be enchanted with four special enchantments. The loyalty enchantment causes the trident to return to the player after throwing it, making it an excellent choice for a tank. Other enchantments include impaling, which deals extra damage to aquatic mobs, and riptide, which causes the trident to splash in wet conditions.

How to Get a Trident in Minecraft?

A trident is a useful weapon in Minecraft. Like swords, tridents can be wielded like weapons. To use a trident, you must kill an undead mob. The trident has a chance of dropping from drowned mobs of 8.5%. Increasing the drop rate, you can also loot a trident by using a sword. However, keep in mind that the trident cannot be retrieved if it has been dropped by drowned mobs or by skeletons.

A trident is a powerful weapon and is a great way to take on mobs and other players. Tridents can be used to propel yourself towards enemies or summon lightning to fry them. They can also be used to create supercharged groupers, which can help you obtain those elusive skulls.

While you can’t craft Trident in Minecraft, you can find it underwater. In the new Java Edition 1.13, the trident is added. So, if you want to equip one, you need to fight the dead, drowned mobs. You have to participate in an underwater battle and defeat them to get the trident. There is an 8.5% chance that they will drop a trident. Once they drop it, you can easily use it.

These underwater zombies hold tridents in their hands. So, if you want to easily get this weapon, you need to snatch it from their hands. You need to find a water body and choose a powerful weapon to fight these mobs. Make sure you kill them to find a Trident. It is best to play Bedrock Edition as there is a 15% chance of getting trident.

Trident Enchantments and Uses in Minecraft

The trident is one of the most powerful weapons in Minecraft. But despite its simplicity, it can become even more powerful by using trident enchantments. With more perks and power, the trident can make you faster in the water and more efficient when battling different types of aquatic mobs. These perks can help you enjoy the game even more.

  • Mending: The Mending enchantment increases the durability of the trident of XP orbs.
  • Unbreaking: This enchantment will prevent your trident from breaking.
  • Impaling: Increasing the number of levels in impaling will increase the damage your trident deals to aquatic mobs.
  • Channelling: It is extremely effective for attacking distant mobs or things using lightning.
  • Loyalty: Another enchantment on the trident makes it more loyal. It will come back when you throw it.
  • Riptide: Riptide is one of the strongest enchantments on the trident, and when used with Loyalty, it will shoot lightning bolts at enemies. This enchantment can be useful when you want to throw a mob.

How to Repair Trident in Minecraft?

The tridents you can obtain from the Drowned are very difficult to repair. They usually come out broken. To repair them properly, you must first add them to your creation table, then place them into the second slot. When you repair them with an anvil, you will keep the enchantments, and you will have the option of renaming the trident.

Another method is to use a mending enchantment. You can obtain this enchantment by looting chests or trading with villagers. You can also purchase the Mending enchantment book from a librarian. It will take some time to get, but it’s worth it. After applying the enchantment, the trident will be repaired but will cost you experience orbs.

After acquiring a mending enchantment, you can apply it to the trident to make it stronger and more durable. The enchantment will be applied as the item is used and will slowly repair the weapon. It will cost you a few days, but you can use this method until the trident is mended. This way, you can make the trident last even longer.


The Easiest Way Connect iPad to Smart TV


Android and iOS devices have been competing in the mobile industry for a number of years. Great media players as they are known, IOS devices have become world-class; however, there are also other people who wanted to look for something wild on their respective televisions. Although some mobile devices and iPads have big screens, the display is limited for video streaming to enjoy.

Fortunately, technological advancement made it a lot easier for millions of people to enjoy the big screen in their own homes. However, each television has different settings. Therefore, you need to be knowledgeable in knowing how to connect your iPad to a SmartTV.

IOS devices have a built-in Apple Airplay feature which allows mirroring from iPhones or iPads directly to Smart TVs. But before doing so, you need to check the settings of your own television. If you have a Vizio smart tv, it is best to ask the salesperson or watch YouTube to find wayson how to connect iPad to Vizio smart tv wirelessly to be able to prevent having mistakes in mirroring.

Pairing an iPad to a Vizio Smart TV

The iPad is the most convenient tablet computer that enables millions of people to stream videos away from personal computers. However, watching videos on a big screen is more convenient, especially if you have a Vizio smart TV. Apple has proven that they are always ahead of the competition as they offer several ways to connect iPhones and iPads to any Vizio smart TV. The good news is, they make sure that inputs on Vizio smart TVs are compatible with any iOS device.

HDMI connection

  1. Before connecting any device using HDMI, check the availability of all the cables needed.
  2. Attach the AV adapter to the connection port on your own iPad.
  3. Plug the end of the HDMI cable into the AV adapter and make sure it is intact.
  4. Connect the end of the HDMI cable to the Vizio smart TV.
  5. Power on your Vizio smart TV and look for the HDMI button on your settings using the remote control.

Aside from knowing how to connect iPad to Vizio smart TV, you also need to know how to connect iPad to LG TV, how to connect iPad on Sony TV, and on any other brand of Smart TVs. Why? Televisions have their own lifespan. You will never know when it will last. Since technology changes over time, chances are, you would likely adapt to the changes and might buy a television with a different brand. Either Sony, LG, or any other brand would be your preference. Learning how to connect iPad to Vizio TV wirelesslymight be different from LG and Sony. That is why it is best to ask the seller before buying it.

There is no doubt that iOS devices are known to be most compatible with each other. If you have an Apple TV, the process of connecting it to your iPad is easier since it no longer requires cable connections. Everything will be wireless when you are using Apple TV.

How to connect iPad to TV with Apple TV?

Compared to Android devices, Apple has a so-called Airplay icon that lets you share and stream videos and photos. And you know what?It’s hassle-free. This is the special feature of IOs devices, making users have great fun and experience while streaming.

Casting videos from your iPad to an Apple TV and Mac is made easy with Airplay as long as they are sharing a similar internet connection.

However, only a few are fortunate enough to buy an Apple device. This is how Android competes with IOs. The screen mirroring feature of Android devices boomed in the mobile industry to make everyone’s imagination a reality. Just like IOs mobile phones, Android devices’ screen mirroring feature serves a similar purpose with different settings in connecting them.

Screen Mirroring Features

Years ago, everyone is using a keypad mobile phone when Nokia introduced their first-ever GSM phone, the Nokia 1011. Over the years, technological advancement made several changes in the mobile industry and the release of smartphones changed everyone’s perspectives.

No one had ever imagined that a simple mobile phone would control our television screens one day. Today, not only has Apple turned the world upside down with this imaginary feature, but also Android mobile phones made this possible.

You got it right! You can now enjoy your favorite YouTube videos and any video content on your TV screens using your iPad and iPhone. This is more advantageous to those IOs users who have high-speed internet connections, but what about those users that do not have Wi-Fi connections in their homes? Is there any way to avail of this feature without Wi-Fi?

Screen mirroring has been the talk of the town to those individuals who don’t have internet connections. This is the process through which you can project your iPad, laptop, and any mobile gadget to your TV screens. The good news is, it can be done through both a wired and wireless connection.

How to Mirror iPad to a Panasonic TV?

Each mobile phone has different ways to screen mirror to a Smart TV. If you are an iPad user, here are the steps you can follow to enjoy the big screen.

  • It is very significant to know that a Wi-Fi connection is beneficial for everyone to enjoy this feature. Moreover, your iPad and Smart TV should share a similar Wi-Fi connection for an effective screen mirroring.
  • Look for the control center and tap the screen mirroring button.
  • Select Apple TV or any other Apple-compatible TV.
  • If the Airplay icon shows on your screen with a passcode, you should enter it to your IOs device to start enjoying the feature.

Wirelessly, you can also connect the iPad to Panasonic TVwith this revolutionary feature. Panasonic TVs have Digital Media Renderer in the TV settings that help iPad users do screen mirroring. Although there are some models of Panasonic that are not compatible with iPads and IOs devices, an HDMI connection is also a great option to enjoy the big screen.

Over time, technology would advance into something you can’t imagine. There will be plenty of new features you can enjoy and the adaptation of every Android and IOs user to the changes in technology will be more complex and challenging.