Drawing Cartoons Made Easy

Cartoons are known to be the perfect ideas for drawing because it doesn’t need anything aside from a pen and paper. Learning how to draw cartoons is easy if you know how and when to start. When it comes to drawing, the first thing you need to do is to learn how to draw cartoon characters – those that are popular on television and in movies.

Cartoons have become part of our childhood memories. In fact, they have been the most popular sets entertaining children. With the help of cartoons seen on television, kids learn and value the things surrounding them.

Disney, for example, has lots of animated movies based on fairy tales and fiction. There is always a time when children tend to pretend, they are the main characters of the cartoons they are watching.

What Can We Learn from Watching Cartoons?

Parents have always been fantasized about seeing their children grow and develop their skills even when they are watching cartoons. Younger children learn how to read and sing the ABC with the help of cartoons. At an early age, children can adapt and enhance their patience by listening to long bedtime stories.

When children are at school age, some of them learn how to draw cartoon characters in their own ways.  This is because as they grow up, parents use cartoons to show them how things work in real life. Cartoons explain more about feelings and relationships in a manner where children can understand.

Cartoons are a great way of capturing the attention of children; thus, diverting them from using mobile devices. They help to establish a relationship between a kid’s preference that contributes to their learning abilities. With this, kids will learn a lot of things. They will learn the basics on how to draw cartoon faces, eyes, and even learn how to draw cartoon people.

Some Effective tips to draw the cartoon characters:

  1. Start with basic shapes
  2. Imagine your character in a 3D space which makes it easy to manipulate
  3. Use guidelines in accordance to the location of the various body parts of your character. One you are satisfied with the rough work, make it clean and fine.
  4. Take tips and intricate detailing methods from fellow artists or those who are pro. You can copy their work for your practice sessions.
  5. Play with the proportions to give extra depth and modifications to hair, outfits and other aspects. This can easily create a new character.
  6. Take a good reference material and analyze it from different angles so as to create a detailed image in your mind.
  7. Once you are done with basic shapes, guidelines, squashing and sketching work, don’t hesitate to push your limits.

Draw Cartoon Face Correctly

Learning how to draw cartoon characters is easy when you can determine the exact object you are going to draw. In fact, this is what most artists do when they are still in the starting phase of their journey. Simple shapes like circles, ovals, and even triangles will be of great help. Children are the main inspiration of most cartoonists. This is because they are considered as their main audience.

Before even trying to start how to draw a cartoon face, you need to know the interest of your audience. Of course, the exact details are very much needed to make sure you will be able to create something that is attractive to the eyes that can easily catch their attention.

The circle is the most commonly used shape for cartoon character faces. This is because a circle is easy to set proportion and drawing the face axis as it is easy to determine when the center is found. By making an intersection between horizontal and vertical lines, you can create a face axis.

Drawing Cartoon Eyes

Once your face axis is done, you need to learn how to draw cartoon eyes. Oval is the most preferred choice for the eyes. This is because you can create a slight touch on it at the sides, making it look more attractive and presentable.

At the top of each oval eye you created, you can slightly thicken the upper portion that will serve as eyelashes. Placing a bit of eyebrow and pupil will create a different type of facial expression on the character you are making.

Draw Cartoon Hair

For most cartoonists, hair is the easiest thing to do. You don’t need to be a hairstylist or a fashion designer to make it perfect. This is because there is no perfect hair for a cartoon character. Learning how to draw cartoon hair is just a matter of choosing your typical haircut. The web is packed with lots of ideas you can choose for your character.

The hair also represents the age and personality of the cartoon character you are trying to draw. It is amazing to know how the hair marks a total difference in the looks of a certain character.

Learning how to draw cartoons is not just for the professionals. Kids can start their journey in drawing while they are still young. When we are in our growing years, we have become fans of most cartoon shows. Cartoon characters are made from scratch and from the imaginations of the cartoonist.

However, children can also divert their attention to this type of hobby while they are still young. To be able to understand why learning how to draw cartoons is cool and awesome, here are a few benefits you must know.

  • Drawing improves skills and cognitive functions

Drawing is generally a satisfying hobby. In fact, millions of people have earned a living because of cartoons. This is one way of enhancing the perspective of a kid in a drawing. The observation skills of a child will also be developed while they continue to create a character.

  • Drawing is one way of expressing one’s feelings

As children grow older, they become more and more expressive and vocal about how they feel. However, it is not always the same with other kids. There are kids who are more expressive in the form of drawing. This is how most of them learn how to draw cartoon characters and enhance their skill in art.

  • Drawing helps retain information

Although there are only a few kids that are known to be kinesthetic type, they are most effective when they draw how they feel. In fact, it can lead to a bigger picture and bigger opportunities for them when it is enhanced. You will never know a child’s motor and cognitive skills when they don’t express their feelings.

Drawing has become one of the hobbies of most kids nowadays. The more they draw, the more they enhance their skills. They also become more and more creative and realistic in their creations as they continue to draw different characters.

The media industry is not only benefited, kids will also learn so many things and can enhance them whenever they want to.