How To Crop A Shirt?

A crop top is a great choice for hot summer days. It shows off the bottom half of the body and complements the female figure. It’s also great for showing off belly button piercings. Crop tops are easy to make from scratch, and you can even upcycle an old t-shirt and reuse it as a new crop top. 

It cannot be very comforting if you are new to cropping a shirt. However, YouTube has numerous helpful tutorials to guide you through the process. The best part is that most of them aren’t complicated and don’t require sewing skills.

To crop a shirt, you need to get the measurements and mark the spot where you want to cut. Then, lay it flat on a flat surface. Remember not to crop while wearing the shirt. Once you cut the shirt, you can style it in different ways.

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What Is A Crop Shirt?

A crop top is a shirt that exposes a large amount of your body. A crop top usually reveals your navel, abdomen, and waist. Crop tops are becoming increasingly popular with celebrities and aspiring model actresses.

Although women usually wear crop tops, some men wear them as well. This style was popular in the 1970s and the 1980s and is often seen in athletes and bodybuilders.

Crop tops are made from a variety of fabrics. You should choose a fabric that is not too bulky or rigid so that you can move comfortably. It would be best if you also took measurements of the area around your waist and belly button. Also, measure the width of your upper arms.

If you’re unsure of the length you’d like to crop a shirt, try it on first to see where the cut should go. The typical length for crop tops is a couple of inches below the belly button, but you can make it shorter or longer depending on your preferences.

Why Are Crop Shirts So Popular?

Crop shirts are so popular because they are comfortable and practical. They are ideal for wearing in the summer when the temperature is getting warmer, and they’ll keep you cool when cooler weather rolls in after Labor Day. Plus, they’re relatively cheap and available in a variety of styles.

Originally, crop tops were invented as a way to conserve fabric. They quickly became a popular fashion statement and a staple of summer fashion. During the second world war, women in the South took advantage of crop tops to expose their bodies. But while the crop tops were not allowed in the North, they were not banned in the South.

In addition to being comfortable, crop tops look great and are easy to accessorize. They can also be an excellent way to make an outfit look stylish on a budget. A crop top can make any outfit look chic and fashionable even if you’re unsure of your style.

Because of their loose shape, crop tops can be worn with anything. This allows your body to breathe and makes you look taller and slimmer. They also look great when paired with jewelry and other accessories. They can make any outfit look stylish. You can find an affordable crop top that suits your style and makes you look amazing.

What Supplies Will You Need to Make Crop Shirts?

To crop a shirt, you will need various items. It will help you easily transform any old shirt into a fashionable crop top. Here are some things you will need.

  • Old shirt
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Marking pencil

How to Crop a Shirt? Learn in Easy 7 Steps

How to Crop a Shirt

Smart ways to crop a shirt

To crop a shirt, follow these steps. It will help you to easily transform any old t-shirt into a crop top at home.

  • Step 1: Find An Old Or Unwanted T-Shirt

There are several ways to recycle your t-shirts. You can donate them or make a crop top out of them. If you have plenty of old or unwanted t-shirts that you don’t use anymore, you can use them to make crop tops. The first step to making a crop top is finding an old and unwanted t-shirt.

  • Step 2: Determine the Size of The Crop Top

Now, you need to determine how short you would like the crop top to be. Once you have decided on the length of the crop top, you can begin cutting it. You can wear the old t-shirt to determine the size of the crop top.

  • Step 3: Mark A Line Around The T-Shirt

After you determine the size of the crop top, you need to use a measuring tape and mark a line on the shirt. Mark anchor points on the T-shirt so that you can easily cut it. You can use a marking pencil to make the line.

  • Step 4: Make Three Cuts From The Bottom Of The T-Shirt

In this step, you need to cut the t-shirt. However, make sure you don’t cut it directly. You need to make three vertical cuts from the bottom of the shirt. It will help you to cut the shirt in a straight line easily. These cuts are not complicated; you can customize them to fit your artistic vision.

  • Step 5: Cut The Rest Of The Bottom 

After you make the three vertical cuts on the shirt, you need to cut the rest of the bottom. It will give you a perfectly cut crop top. Cutting the bottom hem of the t-shirt off will give you a more cropped look.

  • Step 6: Cut Both Sleeves Off 

It is not necessary to remove the sleeves to make your t-shirt shorter. However, if you want a trendy t-shirt, you can cut the sleeves off. But cut them on the inside of the seam since this will create a more stylish look.

  • Step 7: Remove The Collar Off The T-Shirt 

If the shirt is collared, you can remove the collar as well. To remove the collar of your t-shirt, you will first need to lay the t-shirt flat. Then, align the tip of your measuring tape with the mark you made in step two on the neck. Next, take a pair of scissors and cut the collar.


So, if you want to crop a shirt, all you need to do is find an old and unwanted shirt. After that, you can measure the size and mark the lines on the shirt. Use scissors to cut the bottom, sleeves, and collar. If you don’t want to cut the shirt, you can tie a front, side, or back knot to make it crop.


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