How to Replace a Shower Head

It is estimated that 70% of the individuals living all across the globe shower every day. While you are more focused on the type of soap, shampoo, and conditioner you are using, it is rare for you to recognize the importance of replacing your showerheads. Showerheads are often disregarded. When molds start to build up, it is a clear indication that you need to visit the nearest hardware store and find a replacement for your shower head.

Over time, showerheads get frayed causing the water pressure to have a sudden change. When you continue to neglect this, it might be the cause of the increase in your water bills. Whatever type of showerhead you are using, when molds are present, it’s time to invest for a new one.

There are plenty of individuals you can pay to replace your shower heads. But is it easy to learn how to replace a shower head? Yes! In a similar way that learning how to replace a shower head is a do-it-yourself job, there are lots of videos you can find on YouTube that are helpful to help you out.

Lucky as you can be, replacing a shower head is quite an easy job. But before you can even start replacing your showerheads, you need to choose the one that suits your needs and of course, your budget.

Things You Need to do Before Replacing a Shower Head

If you are still using a shower head you bought way back in 2002, it is more likely for molds to have build-up in the interior portion of your shower. Before switching to a new one, consider testing for a water hog.

Here are a few steps you might want to consider when you want to learn how to replace a shower head.

  1. Although there is no need to turn off the water of the entire house, it is best to turn off the shower faucets to prevent yourself from being soaked.
  2. Detach the old showerhead by twisting it on a counterclockwise direction. If you are dislodging your old showerhead by hand, you will be able to see the threaded pipe in the wall. But if you find it hard to remove the shower head, you might need a wrench and apply a bit of force to twist it.
  3. Once the showerhead is removed, the pipe where water source comes out will be visible.
  4. Clean off any rust. Amputate old tapes on the showerhead and the arms to be able to place the new one in the proper position.
  5. Surround the threads with a plumber’s tape, which you can buy in the nearest hardware store. Do this in a clockwise direction and tighten it well to prevent leaks from the pipe itself.
  6. Attach the new showerhead by screwing it into the taped threaded pipe on a clockwise direction and tightening it. The plumber’s tape will help you tighten the attachments on both ends, preventing the leaks.
  7. In cases where leaks occur, worry no more. Wrap the threaded pipe with a thread seal tape and carefully tighten it using a wrench until the leak disappears.

Is it better to put an extension arm on your shower head?

A showerhead is attached to the thread pipe of your bathroom. That is why there is no way you can move it. And since your shower might be a bit closer to the wall or is way too low, it might be inconvenient for those individuals who prefer a far water source for their showers.

This is one of the many reasons why some households hire a plumber to replace their old shower with a handheld shower head and even put additional features on their shower head and add an extension arm on it.

If you are a busy person, it is best for you to hire professionals to do the job without any hassle. But how much does it cost to replace a shower head?

If you are living in urban areas, it is more likely that the neighborhood will just ask for a small fee for the service they provide. But if you want a fast, friendly, and full plumbing service, you can find plenty of companies offering plumbing services in the nearby areas. They provide estimates depending on your needs.

Most plumbing services fee would range from $75 to $100 depending on your location, the labor costs, and type of showerhead you are going to use.  For an extension arm on your shower head, plumbing service companies might ask for additional fees since they are also obliged to replace a shower head arm or add a shower arm on the existing shower head.

You can also look at the additional benefit of having better features such as multiple sprays, The amount of water flow etc. According to your preferences.

The Benefits of Having a New Shower Head

Not only you can save money for your water bills, installing a new shower head can provide home improvements and add beauty to your bathroom. Old models of shower heads might be a bit costly when molds are formed inside the threaded pipes. By learning how to replace a shower head or even by just hiring a professional will help reduce the amount of water you consume daily.

Depending on the size of the shower head you want to buy, water consumption will also depend. Shower heads have standard sizes that is why it will be easier for you to choose and decide in instances you want to add an extension arm.

Learning how to replace a shower head might be time-consuming to those individuals who are just starting to learn. However, it is a big help for you to try it on your own before asking the help of a professional plumber to be able to save a few dollars on the labor cost. You can always adjust its reach by adding an extension since you saved a few dollars on the labor cost.

Aside from that, knowing how to replace a shower head can be your extra job during your free time. You continue to learn as you continue to do the job and at the same time earn extra income for a living.