How to Screen Record on iPhone 12with these 3 Easy Steps? 

Do you often feel like recording things running on your smartphone’s screen? Modern smartphones come with a built-in screen recording feature to capture audio, video, texting, and other activities on the device.

Apple provides some of the most technologically advanced smartphones. This brand ensures the customers get the best support to carry out the required action. It has introduced many top-end mobile devices, and iPhone 12 is one of them.

Can you screen record on iPhone 12? Yes, that smartphone can record any activity on your mobile device. Continue reading to learn how to screen record on iPhone 12 pro max to use this feature whenever required.

How to enable the screen recording shortcut on iPhone 12?

Many Android devices feature a dedicated screen recording button in the drop-down menu. It makes instant screen recording pretty handy. iPhone 12 does not automatically feature such an option. Therefore, you must enable the screen recording option on your new device to use that feature.

Follow the below-explained steps to turn on the screen recording feature on your latest iOS device.

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone 12
  • Step 2: Tap on the “Control center” option
  • Step 3: Swipe down until you find the “More Control” option on the list. Now, find the

“Screen Recording” option and tap on that option to enable screen recording on your iOS device.

Once you complete the above-listed three steps, the screen recording option should appear in your smartphone’s included controls list. You can tap on it and drag it to arrange at your convenience. Once that’s done, get out of the Setting app, and you are ready to record on-screen activities.

How to start screen recording on the iPhone 12?

The screen recording feature is disabled on iPhone 12 mobiles by default. Once you have enabled that option, you are ready to record on-screen movements without any problem. Follow the below-given tips to record activities on your iPhone’s screen.

Step 1: 

We have just added the shortcut to your iPhone 12 device’s control center. Your device can now record and capture the screen. So, access the control center by swiping your finger downward from the top-right corner of your device. Swipe it near the battery icon to quickly access quick control options.

Step 2:

There should be the Screen Recording button, among other device control options. It should look like a circle inside another circle. You will recognize it quite easily!

Now, if you want to record your device’s screen activities without any audio, tap once on the screen recording button, you have to press and hold the button to record the screen along with the audio.

A new menu will pop up on your iPhone’s screen if you long-press the screen recording button. It will offer you a choice to record the audio from your microphone. If you don’t want to record your audio, skip that option and start recording the screen.

Step 3:

Your device will follow the recording configuration you have chosen. It will continue to record on-screen activities until you tap the stop button. You may say that there is no stop button, but it’s on the device’s home screen.

Notice the clock on your iPhone 12. It has turned red, indicating you are recording the device’s screen. It would be best if you tapped on that red clock whenever you want to stop recording. The option should appear on the screen as you tap the clock. Or, you can access the screen recording button to turn off the screen recording!

How to capture screenshots on iPhone 12?

Capturing a screenshot is pretty simple on iPhone 12. You just need to press the Power and the Volume up buttons simultaneously. Release both buttons together, and your device will capture a screenshot.

The captured screenshot will stay on the home screen for a short while and disappear. You can tap on that screenshot to edit and mail it or share it via another application. If it disappears, go to your device’s photos gallery and re-access the screenshot.

Should you turn on the screen recording feature on your iOS device?

Screen recording is a pretty useful feature. It allows you to capture on-screen activities without using a third-party application. iPhone 12 is a cutting-edge smartphone. Apple constantly provides new updates to improve this device’s performance. Its screen recording feature works flawlessly.

You can turn on the screen recording program if you are a gamer and want to keep track of your gameplay performance. The recorder will create a high-quality video of your entire performance. It will help you assess your mistakes and perform better.

Screen recording is also useful when you want to record conversations. You can turn it on when texting or talking to someone on a call. Turn on recording with an audio recording feature to capture the entire incident. Screen recorded videos are easily accessible on iPhone 12’s video gallery. You can quickly access, edit, and share videos if required. Therefore, you should try it.

Some users presume that screen recording drains the battery faster. That might happen if you are using this program while playing a heavy game or running other heavy apps. The screen recorder is a simple program, and it does not drain iPhone 12 battery. So, feel free to turn on and use this feature whenever required! Also, when you are looking for an answer to how long I can screen record on an iPhone is simple as it depends on your storage, but sometimes it randomly stops when it’s a very long screen recording.


iPhone 12 is one of the top-selling smartphones launched by Apple. It was launched in 2020, and Apple has already sold over 100 million units across the globe.

Many people have bought iPhone 12 as their first iOS device. Switching to an iOS device from an Android phone can be a puzzling experience. Both operating systems operate differently; therefore, it takes time to learn all functions of the new iOS device.

You can follow the suggested steps to turn on the screen recording feature. Access the screen recorder whenever you want to record the screen and access the video for sharing or editing. Now, it should not be puzzling to access that amazing feature!