Removing Facial Hair in Subtle Ways

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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

It was never an issue when you see a man who has plenty of hair growing on their face; but when it comes to women, having facial hair is always a big deal. Although only a few women have been troubled with this as a problem, such conditions can be treated when you are patient enough to learn how to deal with them.

Home remedies have become famous not only because they are inexpensive but because some of them have been proven effective. Although there is not enough evidence that proves its effectiveness, there is no problem trying these remedies.

Some people would always find better solutions through consulting a dermatologist, but it is quite expensive than trying home remedies. At some point, they can always opt to choose it to make sure unwanted facial hair can be permanently removed. Electrolysis is one advanced technique that is known to be effective in removing unwanted facial hair. However, there are plenty of factors you need to consider before undergoing such procedures.

Women suffering from this condition must know the risk factors and where it all started. Here are some of the possibilities you need to consider in order to determine the source.

  • Family History
  • Obesity

These are two of the possibilities you need to consider in order to help you decide which option to choose in removing unwanted facial hair. As not all can afford to pay for a dermatologist, trying some home remedies might somehow help you deal with it.

  • Shaving

One of the cheapest methods you can consider to temporarily remove facial hair is shaving. However, you need to do it regularly since it is pain-free, temporary hair removal. Make sure to use the right shaver and to use a smoothening gel such as aloevera gel before you use one. Also not to be worried about the thickening of the hair as it is not proven to be true.

  • Creams

Women have been so desperate to find effective solutions to this problem. Although medicated creams are not painful, the risks of having skin irritation are also there.

  • Wax

Pharmacies have been selling both hot and cold wax. This is quite painful, but the results will last a week or more.

  • Peel off Masks

For some the density and growth of hair is not more. These people can get a safe and more favorable result by using a Peel off mask during facial. it exfoliates the skin and removes the hair easily.

Removal of unwanted facial hair cannot be done as easily as 123. Permanently removing it is also not possible with home remedies. That is why if you are eager enough to remove it permanently, consulting a dermatologist will let you choose between laser hair removal or electrolysis.

There have always been plenty of medical techniques that can be useful to remove unwanted facial hair. However, only two have been known to be effective. Electrolysis is famous since many dermatologists have proven it effective in permanently preventing hair to grow again by using electric current. Laser, on the other hand, uses a laser.

There is no such thing as a single cycle. Just like any other things that involve the skin, hair removal needs patience. Of course, both laser hair removal and electrolysis need several sessions to completely damage the hair follicles.

Choosing between the two needs a lot of thinking since both are known to be expensive. Thinking it over will give you better reasons to decide to choose home remedies in the meantime.


Any type of procedure has its own pros and cons. Both of these techniques are effective in permanently removing unwanted hair. However, they also have disadvantages.

  • Scars may form when it is improperly done
  • Redness and itching right after every session
  • Burns

These side effects are rare to happen if it is performed by an experienced dermatologist. However, the possibilities are still there. And since this is a case-to-case basis, thinking it over is always better.

There is no better option than trying some home remedies to temporarily remove unwanted hair. Aside from the fact that it is safer, it is also cheaper and can save you a huge amount of money. Shaving and waxing are the best options you can choose since it is gentle to the skin.

Most women have delicate and sensitive. Using creams and all other products might cause skin irritation and might give you the worst problems than unwanted facial hair.

It can be so embarrassing and annoying to have unwanted facial hair; however, you don’t have to worry at all. Trying the different methods we have shared earlier are great ways for you to temporarily ease the burden of having unwanted facial hair.

Facial hair growth is natural, but a significant grooming concern will be your best lead to make sure this embarrassment will turn out to be on the opposite side.

A dermatologist has always conducted enough tests for their patients to make sure there will be no side effects in the long run. Although it wouldn’t be avoided, chances are, better results will come out instead of having a negative one. All procedures matter depending on the patient.

Although home remedies are known to be the safest and easiest option, the lack of evidence proving it to be effective makes it the second option of most women. And since hair occurrence is biological, most methods are not good to remove it permanently.

Dermatologists can prescribe their patients medication to stop hair from growing. However, this does not result in permanent hair removal since this medication has different side effects on different patients.

Well, if you are more concerned about your health, you need to make sure you are doing the right choice. Although dermatologists are proven helpful in this type of problem, there are always disadvantages. Both home remedies and experts’ advice can be good options, but whenever a new problem arises caused by a wrong decision, you will end up in a mess.

Unwanted facial hair is a serious problem to many women, but there is no way you can deny the fact that it appeared biologically for a purpose. Every hair removal method is effective and has its own effects. This is most likely to happen when you have sensitive skin.

Skin tests and other testing methods will be done by dermatologists to make sure their patients will have the right treatment for their needs. Such treatment methods are effective depending on every patient’s needs.

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