Simple & Easy Ways to Make Wood in Little Alchemy

There are thousands of games to play on smartphones and PC. Little Alchemy is a uniquely addictive game due to its unique features. Recloak created this game, and it immediately got the attention of chemistry lovers. Players get a chance to do experiments with 560 elements, making it pretty exciting.

The journey begins with four main elements. You get air, fire, earth, and water in the beginning. Now, you have to combine two elements to create a new element. The process will continue, and thus you can create many elements.

Can you make Wood in Little Alchemy? Yes, you can make it and continue reading to learn how to make Wood in Little Alchemy.

What do you need to make Wood in Little Alchemy?

If you are a new player and have recently started playing Little Alchemy, it will be tough to make Wood. There are many combinations to make different elements and items in this game. Follow the below-given method to create Wood quickly.

  • Mix Earth and Fire to make Lava.
  • Mix Lava with Air to cool it down and create a Stone.
  • Now you have Fire and Stone to create a new item. Mix both of those elements, and you will get Metal.
  • Little Alchemy has already offered you Earth and Water. Mix both elements to make Mud.
  • Mix Air with Water to make Rain. That Rain will be essential for making Wood in this game!
  • New plants appear on the land when it rains. So, Mix Rain and Earth to create the Plant. Thus, you will get one step closer to making Wood!
  • Mix Plant and Mud together to make a Swamp.
  • Use Fire and Air to make Energy.
  • It would be best if you had the Life to get someone who can make Wood and the tools required to prepare the Wood. So, mix Swamp and Energy to make Life.
  • When you mix Earth and Life, you get the Human. Humans are the ones who cut trees and forests to make usable woods.
  • Humans are good at making tools, and tools make tough jobs easier. So, use Metal and Human to make tools in the Little Alchemy game.
  • Combine Air with Energy, and you will get powerful wind to break some of the strongest things on this planet.
  • Combine Wind with Stone, and it will break that stone, and you will get Sand.
  • Fire can burn, melt Sand and change its shape. So, Combine Sand with Fire, and you will get Glass.
  • Sand and Glass’s combination makes Time in this game.
  • All plants need Time to grow and become powerful trees. So, mix Plant and Time, and you will get a tree.
  • You already have a tool and the Tree. So, combine Tree and the Tool to make Wood.

You must be wondering that making Wood is a pretty long process. Little Alchemy seems inspired by how things appeared on our planet over Time. Trees did not appear overnight. It took billions of years, and you have to spend just a few minutes to make Wood in this game. The final result is worth it, and you will learn a lot about elements and various items.

How do You make woods in little alchemy?

There is more than one way of making Wood in Little Alchemy. Here you will find out 9 hints to get the job done. Follow those hints whenever possible, so you always have Wood in the game. Regular players can easily get those hints and use them as cheats. So, try the following combinations whenever you have the required two elements.

  • Axe and Tree

People usually use an Axe to cut the Tree and get the Wood. Do the same in the game whenever you have those two things. Put Axe on one side and Tree on the other to make Wood instantly.

  • Axe and Forest 

Suppose you have the Axe and Forest; mix both to make Wood. It is similar to the previous combination, and the result is always the same.

  • Chainsaw and Tree

Suppose you have a chainsaw instead of an ax; the job becomes much easier. It would be best if you mixed chainsaw and Tree to create Wood.

  • Chainsaw and Forest

A chainsaw is going to help you with a lot of trees when you are in the forest. The same happens in little alchemy when mixing the Chainsaw and Forest. You will get Wood as a result.

  • Lumberjack and Tree

A lumberjack is a professional specializing in cutting trees. So, if you got a Lumberjack and a Tree, mix both of them in Little Alchemy to make Wood.

  • Lumberjack and Forest

When you get the lumberjack and forest, mix them, and you will make Wood in the game. The method is the same, whether it is a tree or a forest.

  • Tool and Tree

Suppose you got the Tree and none of the above-listed things is available; mix the Tree with a tool. You will get Wood as a result.

  • Tool and Forest

Tool and Forest combination also results in Wood. So, try it whenever you are missing other items.

  • Sword and Tree

You should also try the Sword and Tree combination to make Wood in the Little Alchemy game. You will make Wood instantly and move forward to make other items from Wood.


Little Alchemy is not one of those regular games in which people run vehicles, shoot weapons, and crush items. It is an extremely exciting and entertaining game that teaches about various elements and basic items.

Kids and adults should play this game to learn about different elements and stay entertained. It won’t make you feel bored and already know Wood’s making process. So, try it and try to make other items as well to enjoy the process. You will be making many other items for sure!