The Best French Toast You Might Crave

Preparing french toast flavored with fresh berry fruits and drizzled with maple syrup

How to Make The Best Tasting French Toast You Might Crave

A French toast has become one of the popular dishes made out of bread. It is typically soaked in a beaten egg and milk. An endless variety of French toast could be made when you have bread and topping in your own kitchen. If you are one of those who wanted to explore your cooking skills, creating your own bread meal can be the first dish you can serve your family. It has two versions, one with eggs and the other without eggs. The difference is that in the eggless version the eggs are replaced by corn starch or custard mixture to soak the bread. It involves dipping a bread slice in custard and then toasting it with butter until brown, crisp and delicious. Some flavoring agents such as vanilla and cinnamon are also used.

In the realm of sweet breakfast, the competition between pancakes and French toast has become the most popular among all. The common core among the two is the fact that they are both bread products. But which among the two is your favorite?

Making pancakes is a bit easy and simple, but how to make a French Toast without milk might be a bit tricky and needs a lot of effort. Often, bakers tend to make mistakes in making French Toast. Although there is always room for every mistake when you are a first-time baker, there will also be a lot of chance for improvement. French toast has become the typical breakfast nowadays. Instead of throwing up old bread stocks from your kitchen, you can create your own French toast and make it a tasty breakfast.

French Toasts are considered champions of brunch. Since it is a perfect dessert, no one will crave it during weekends and want more and more of it daily. But what could be the common French Toast mistakes? Here are some tips you might want to know.

  • No toast can be made without a dairy product. Milk is one of the important ingredients in making French toast; however, too much milk won’t cook the egg mixture.
  • Combine all wet ingredients well and ensure that it has no lumps. This is very significant to make sure that it will be perfect.
  • Make sure you are choosing the right bread for your French toast. A French toast is a typical bread pudding; therefore, you need to have a creamy texture with a crunchy edge to make it a perfect toast.
  • Avoid under soaking it in a custard mixture. This is the most common mistake of a first-timer. In making your own French toast, it is important to make sure that the bread can soak the custard mixture to have the best outcome.
  • Making sure that the temperature of your baking pan is right. Underheating or overheating the pan will have different results. A French toast is a piece of bread and not a steak. Having the right temperature in cooking will give you a perfect result.
  • Don’t forget to preheat the pan before cooking. This cooking method is not just for the French toast. All food types require preheating of the pan to make sure the outcome is great.

French Toast – A Healthy Meal or Not?

As said earlier, French toast is the typical sweet breakfast and has become a popular dish which you can make in your own kitchen. How to make French toast without vanilla will surely motivate your taste buds. If you want to explore more, you can create your own French toast dish; serve it to your family, and have simple chitchat with them.

What are the exact nutrients your body gets when you eat French Toast?

  1. Studies show that a French toast contain enough calories our body needs. Taking two slices of it can give you enough calorie intake for the day. You can always hear people concerned about the calories they take daily. In the industry of weight loss nowadays, you can always find the number of calories, weight loss products, and all dietary products in the groceries.
  2. Since it is made from bread, you will expect that your carbohydrate intake will increase; thus, a good thing to eat during breakfast. Carbohydrates are known to boost up your strength and contain plenty of fibers. Knowing how to make your own delicious meal will somehow change your daily diet.
  3. If you are concerned about your weight and health, one thing you need to know about French Toast is that it contains a lot of saturated fats. Eggs and dairy products contain plenty of saturated fats; and since it is one of the ingredients, you can opt to use non-fat milk instead.
  4. There is no limit as to how much you eat French Toast daily. But one thing you must know is the fact that it contains plenty of cholesterol. This has always given a lot of problems to most individuals since cholesterol has always been a huge problem.

Although French Toast is good food for the healthy tummy, taking into account the nutritional facts is very significant. Buying it from stores is a sign that the bread has always become more and more trending each year. But learning how to make French Toast without eggs in your own homes will make a total difference. Aside from the fact that you can do your own experiment on the ingredients replacing eggs with something appropriate and lessen the ingredients that require attention, you can guarantee that the French Toast you are eating is clean and freshly made.

Gastrointestinal distress has become a serious problem today and if you buy food from stores, there is always an expiration date since you will not know when the food was made. Unless you made it from your own kitchen, you are guaranteed that everything is fresh.

Learning how to make stuffed French Toast will give you better food for breakfast and brunch as it can be filled with tasty but healthy ingredients. It may not be advisable to eat it daily, but your cravings will be satisfied when you know how to make your own French Toast in the oven at home whenever you feel like. After all, it is a great food to experiment with.

A French toast has only a few ingredients and is a quick-cooking recipe. And since it has become a common dish now, many people wanted to create their own twist in making one. Dry bread is always your friend when you want to make your own French toast. Serving it to your family every morning will give you a whole new dimension of flavor and fun for your breakfast meal.


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