The Two Flip Sides of Wearing a Bra

How to Correctly Measure Bra Size

Many people say that wearing a bra gives a few negative effects; however, there has been not enough evidence to prove it right. Anyone who wears lingerie knows that it is a struggle to find the right bra that fits perfectly for you. In fact, there is no fast rule in selecting the perfect bra. This is because every girl has different body shapes and figuring out what size of bra fits you best will take time.

Here are some benefits you might want to consider when you wear a perfectly fitted bra

  •  Wearing the right bra can improve your posture – Every girl wants to look perfect inside and out. Only a few are gifted to have a perfect body shape; but whenever you wear the right kind of bra, your posture changes. A perfect bra adds a layer to your breast and makes a girl become confident.
  •         Wearing a perfectly fit bra can improve a woman’s health – A perfect fit bra can reduce back pain and chest pain. This is most specific to girls who have heavier breasts; thus, it is more helpful to improve a woman’s health.
  •            Sports bra or T-shirt bra makes you more active – When you are wearing the right bra, you will notice the difference in your movements. Whether you are going to the gym or going to work, wearing the perfect bra doesn’t distract or make you feel uncomfortable; thus, making it a lot easier to focus on what you are doing.
  •            Finding the perfect bra will make you look amazing – The generation today has a different taste in underwear. However, finding the right bra doesn’t just make you feel comfortable, it also makes you look gorgeous and more appealing to the public. Use a measuring tape to make sure you get the right size for yourself.
  • It supports the upper body while you are pregnant or breast feeding your young one – When the body muscles are undergoing a lot of strain and pull during these two conditions, finding and wearing a perfect bra helps to keep your chest muscles and shoulder muscles relaxed and at ease.

Is it true that bras ease by reducing back pain?

Girls who are gifted to have large breasts have been suffering from neck and back pain, headaches, and a lot more symptoms associated with it. They have claimed that such pains are because of their large breasts. However, there is no evidence that it is the primary cause of back pain.

Experts say that back pains may be due to wearing a badly fitting bra or might be that the person wearing it is overweight. However, if you are wearing a perfectly fitted bra, your posture will be improved and might reduce back pain. How to measure bra size for sagging breast is also one of the common question but have the same solution.

There is no sufficient evidence suggesting that wearing a perfect bra gives health issues. In fact, gifted girls with large breasts have found better ways to improve their posture and reduce having the symptoms of back pains. On the other hand, wearing the wrong-sized bra may cause you pain and discomfort.

Do you Know your Breast Size and Shape?

Female breasts don’t just grow, they develop in different shapes and sizes. A person’s body weight and genes can contribute to the shape and size of your breast. It is somehow significant to know the shape of your breast for you to find the perfect bra you need.

Your breasts are unique. No girls are born to have similar breasts, and they are distinct in both shape and size. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the unexplained body pain and sensitivity you have.

What are the typical breast shapes?

If you are not having a large breast, you might feel embarrassed and disappointed if you see those girls gifted to have it. This shouldn’t be the case. Some people say that girls having a common breast type are different from those with larger breasts.

Before feeling embarrassed or ashamed, you need to identify your breast shape. You might be wondering, how did my breast are shaped like this, and why not like that?

Knowing how to measure your bra size is a lot easier than you know. With the help of a tape measure, you can determine your bra size; but if you are not sure, you can ask experts to help you out. Nowadays, some online apps are also available to help you in the assessment. These are effective as they give you privacy and save you from any embarrassment you are likely to feel at times.

Here are a few factors you need to know why they look exactly what they are right now –

1.       Genetically inherited

2.       Weight

3.       Age


Although these factors are normal to every girl, there are still a few girls who have noticed changes in their breasts. Over time, it has been known that breast shapes change. Basically, as a woman ages, a few changes might occur.

However, you don’t have to worry at all. There are medical experts that can help you answer your questions. The abnormalities you found in your breast have different explanations and only experts can give exact details. Doctors would ask a few questions to their patients and do the assessment before a diagnosis is given.

Having a large breast has a positive side as many girls wanted to have a perfect posture. However, having large breast can also be risky.

Why? This might be quite confusing to the generation today but having large breasts can give you chronic back pain and more. At the end of the day, you will notice that there are also ladies suffering from having large breasts.

Although it is hard to realize why doing your own research on your own bust size will help you find the best answer to your question. A study was once made involving 20 participants to assess a woman’s breast size and bra fit.

On average, most bra cups may actually be larger than 12DD. Over time, you will realize that your bust size changes as you age. You can notice it before and after menstruation. Your monthly period can also contribute to the changes in your breast. Throughout your adolescence stage, your breasts may continue to change in size and shape.

Your breast will always depend on how you maintain a good posture. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are most likely to have more chances in their breasts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have good breast shapes.

Changes happen over time and girls can’t do anything about it. Whether they retain their size or not, girls can always find better ways to make it look more amazing.

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