What are the Root Causes of Acne Problems?

Did you ever wonder why a pimple suddenly pop up? Well, you are not the only one struggling to fight this acne problem. Acne is known to be a serious skin condition that has been the root cause of whiteheads and blackheads.

Teenagers have always been concerned about having acne problems. Moreover, they are not the only ones suffering from this problem; people of all ages are affected with a similar skin problem. However, there is no need to worry since it can be treated and home remedies are readily available. But since it is persistent, asking for help from experts will be your best shot.

Getting rid of acne is always the concern of kids in their teenage years. Depending on how severe the acne problem is, it can even cause depression. The earlier you treat acne problems, the lower the risk of having infections and serious problems.

What are the causes of acne problems

Pimples and acne are caused by blocking of hair follicles by the sebum produced by our skin and hair to keep them lubricated. This sebum when produced in excess amount leads to blocking of pores with the dead skin cells. The condition is further aggravated due to bacteria and dirt particles sticking on the face.

Certain factors may lead to worsening of the situation. These are enlisted below:

  • HORMONAL IMBALANCES: secretion of androgens in boys and girls during puberty lead to increase in the size of sebaceous gland and thus, they produce more sebum. This is seen commonly in girls.
  • INTAKE OF SOME MEDICATIONS: Certain medications such as corticosteroids, testosterone pills and the likes lead to emergence and persistence of problem.
  • FOOD HABITS: people having high carbohydrate, oil and spice intake are found to be effected with various types of acne problems. Therefore, several studies correlate food items such as breads, bagels and packed chips to this problem.
  • STRESS: it might not be the cause of the problem but will surely worsen it if you already have it.
  • IMPROPER HYGIENE: keeping body hygiene is the simplest way of preventing and controlling the acne problems.
  • GENETIC FACTORS: the problem could ne related to the genes and if your parents had this then you are likely to have it too.
  • PRESSURE AND FRICTION ON SKIN: the skin gets irritated and rubbed due to the friction caused by objects such as mobiles, helmets, telephones and high collars.

Symptoms of Acne Problems

Pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads are a few of the acne problems that usually appear on the face, forehead, and shoulders. Teenagers will be having serious problems dealing with it when they do not know what to do.

When to Seek the Assistance of the Expert

It is of utmost importance to seek professional help at the earliest if you see these symptoms:

  • Complications like acne scars and thick scars (keloids) are seen long after a pimple is gone.
  • The skin becomes darker due to hyperpigmentation and lighter due to hypopigmentation.
  • The skin texture becomes uneven and you start experiencing pain and itchiness on your skin.
  • There are blood stained marks all over your skin and affected area which are open for further infections.
  • You are experiencing lack of confidence and emotional distress due to your appearance.

Over-the-counter remedies are readily available in pharmacies. Proper use of it can remove acne and lessen its existence. However, there will always be instances when home remedies are not effective to you; and chances are, you are most likely to look for a dermatologist to help you deal with it. They prescribe stronger medication to make sure you will be able to get the perfect look you’ve always wanted.

Women’s skin is a bit more sensitive than men’s. The persistence of acne problems in women has started for decades now. This usually starts when women start their menstrual period; thus, tends to clear up when women use contraceptives.


As discussed earlier, acne problems usually appear on the face, forehead, and shoulders. This is specifically because these body parts produce more oil compared to the others. However, there are always different solutions to get rid of acne problems.

Pimples have always caused serious problems to every teenager since it is triggered by the hormones. In some cases, it is genetically acquired and there is no enough evidence that you can prevent them. However, there are a lot of methods to reduce the severity of acne problems. Here are some you might want to get interested in.

  • It has always been a lesson ever since we started our school years to wash our face daily. Therefore, we need to make it a daily routine to prevent any dirt in our faces. This is also essential in order to remove excess oil and dirt in our faces.
  • Pimples are known to affect people of all ages and not just teens. Oily-skinned individuals are known to be pimple-prone; that is why it is very significant to know your skin type in order to determine the exact product to get rid of acne.
  • Make effort to hydrate your skin. There are plenty of ways you can find to make sure your skin is hydrated. Pharmacies can provide you all over-the-counter acne treatment medications.
  • By doing this, you are guaranteed that your skin will not look dull. To keep it well-hydrated, drinking 8 glasses of water a day is most effective.
  • Most of these OTC products contain Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide. You can simply use it as a maintenance regimen to control outbreaks of acne problems.
  • Your hands are prone to bacteria build-up and are more constant all throughout the day. Each time you touch your face, some of the dirt might go straight to your face. Let’s say your nose itches, you will immediately scratch it. Limiting touching your face and regular hand washing will help reduce acne problems.
  • Antibiotics are the best way to help reduce acne problems. However, they are often prescribed by doctors since they have become Rx medicines now. They may be topically applied on the skin or orally taken. Long-term use of antibiotics will make you immune to it. That is why you need to ask for assistance from the experts if you want to treat acne using antibiotics and knowing the risks and side effects will be your utmost priority.
  • Food can always trigger acne. It might not be the concern of many individuals, but certain foods can trigger acne. That is why if you are having acne problems, prevention of these types of food is very significant. Peanuts, one of the many foods that contribute to acne problems should always be on your list.

Managing pimples is quite easy. Taking the responsibility to handle acne problems on your own must start with how you clean yourself. Eating the right kind of food and reducing stress may be helpful to prevent acne from coming.

And since acne is persistent, you might need a prescription-strength treatment to reduce serious side effects.

Pimples are so annoying. And since everyone can experience this, prevention of the root causes is very crucial. At their worst, pimples can cause permanent scars and serious anxiety. Whatever pimple prevention plan you choose, it is very significant to make sure that you are patient enough and consistent in the procedures to prevent it from coming back.

This is the best time to think how important good grooming is in order to prevent these acne from causing serious problems to us.