Unveiling the Secretes of Homemade Sushi

Photo of a young woman cutting sushi rolls by herself in the kitchen of her apartment.

How to make Sushi – The Japanese Dish

Japanese cuisines have become popular nowadays. This has been developed over the centuries and is continuously upgrading now. Sushi is one of the Japanese cuisines enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. It is a bite of raw fish packed in rice and seaweed. It is served with some sauce that is called mayo. Some people also try to learn how to make spicy mayo for sushi which is made instantly by combining chili powder, lime juice , hot sauce and mayonnaise . Sushi is a fun snack that you might love eating all day. Sushi was first introduced in Southeast Asia in order to extend the shelf life of fermented rice. The curiosity of every food enthusiast made them realize that they can make their own sushi at home.

How is it exactly made? As said earlier, sushi uses small raw fish as the main ingredient wrapped in rice and seaweed. It is not the typical seaweed you see in wet markets; but rather nori, which is an edible seaweed popular in most Japanese cuisines. Knowing for a fact that culinary customs change in every region, it is not a surprise that avocado has become one of the famous ingredients of sushi. The different types of ingredients used in making sushi classifies it into several types:

  • Nigiri- Raw or cooked fish served as a topping on sushi rice
  • Sashimi-It includes fish or shellfish served alone without rice
  • Maki- It includes fish and seaweed rolled together
  • Uramaki- in this rice is wrapped outside and seaweed is wrapped around making it different from maki.
  • Temaki- in this the rice and seaweed are wrapped in the fish in the form of little cones full of delicious flavor.

The fish commonly used in making sushi are tuna, Spanish mackerel, salmon, sweet shrimp, saltwater eel, halibut, tiger shrimp, round clam, butterfish and yellowtail. Some of them are served raw while others are cooked.

Before making sushi, having the right tools will make the meal perfect. Here are some of the recommendations you might want to try for first-time sushi making. Some people do try to learn how to make sushi without seaweed but it depends.

  • Chef Knife

Sushi-making needs a sharp knife. You’ll use this to cut the fish precisely and all other fillings. Slicing it perfectly will give you clean and better results.

  • Rolling Mat

Every sushi needs a rolling mat to be perfectly rolled. Sushi is not sushi when you cannot find a colored or white plastic mat on the list. Some prefer to know how to make sushi without a mat but it is not at all recommended. They are antibacterial mats that do not go bad. Bamboo mats are prone to go bad quickly when they are not dried properly.

  • Cutting Board

A cutting board commonly called a chopping board is a kitchen tool used as a protective material to cut things like vegetables and any other food-related products. They are often made of wood, plastic, or cork. Most cutting boards used in sushi making resemble a block of wood in appearance, but repels water and is a lot easier to clean. This makes it a great option to cut raw fish and wet vegetables.

  • Crispy Rice Sushi

Using the right sushi rice in making sushi will make it as tasty as restaurant sushi is made. Perfectly cooked sushi rice is important in making sushi and exploring Japanese cooking. Crispy Sushi rice is an authentic ingredient of Japanese Cuisine that is easy to make at home.

Is Sushi Healthy?

Sushi is considered a very healthy meal. It has plenty of vitamins and minerals, including omega-3 fatty acids since its main ingredient is fish. Some have high-calorie content while others have low. Depending on the sushi you are making, calorie contents also vary.

Sushi may be a healthy meal; however, there are still restrictions for women who are planning to be pregnant and breastfeeding women. Mercury fishes are considered dangerous for brain development and the central nervous system that is why it can cause serious effects on a child’s development.

Food enthusiasts have always asked if homemade sushi is cheaper compared to restaurant-bought ones. What is the first thing you think when you hear about sushi? As for some people who are exploring a new cuisine, they find sushi expensive. However, there are sushi lovers who find it cheaper compared to any other Japanese cuisine.

Sushi is expensive when you buy it in restaurants. However, you can always make your homemade sushi at the cheapest possible cost. Unbelievable?

Making homemade sushi may be out of reach for some. Raw fish and other unfamiliar ingredients might give you a headache if you do not know where to buy them. Some of the helpful tools discussed earlier might be intimidating, but sushi doesn’t have to be made of raw fish only. Other options will be readily available in supermarkets for your homemade sushi. Experimenting with your own sushi meal is highly advantageous since sushi rolls with raw fish need high-grade fish to make it delicious and perfect.

Homemade Sushi is Cheaper than Sushi from Restaurant

Sushi is one of the favorite foods of Asian people, but because of the price, people do not eat it often. Restaurant sushi usually costs $18 per roll. But there are homemade methods which is perhaps the cheapest option to eat your favorite Japanese cuisine.

Mastering sushi at home will give you better reasons to share it with friends. Who knows, your sushi will become one of your business someday. Homemade and customized sushi is known to be healthier than restaurant-made sushi; simply because you can choose your own ingredients and choose the best quality of fish to make it perfect. The health benefits of making your own sushi vary depending on the ingredients you choose. Although you can use different types of fish in every sushi meal, having the best fish will make it even more delicious and healthier.

The Sushi Sauce

Similar to many other Japanese cuisines, a meal is not perfect without a partner – the gravy or sauce. Japanese cuisines including sushi need a sauce to become tastier. Sushi is a delicious meal, but the wrong sauce will make your day a disaster.

Here are a few lists of sauces that are considered the best partner for your homemade sushi.

  • Soy Sauce

Soy sauce has a salty-sweet flavor that is ideal for any type of sushi.

  • Wasabi

A slightly spicy sauce that is used to add a little kick to your sushi. Some people ask for wasabi since it diminishes the smell of fish.

  • Ginger

The powerful scent and flavor of ginger gives a unique flavor to each sushi roll.

The different sushi sauces have different effects on the sushi you are eating. The type of sauce you want to add to your sushi depends on your taste buds. Every person has their own preference when it comes to sushi sauce. If you are not familiar with the sauces, you can at least try eating sushi from Japanese restaurants and ask the server to give you better ideas.

Sushi is not an ordinary food to eat. Japan people love to eat it. No matter what type of sushi it may be, it is best to try it homemade.


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